GAAD is a small Architecture + Design studio based in Ireland & Sweden.                               

Our goal is to CREATE Architecture that is Social, Sustainable and Economical. 

We work across disciplines - Architecture, Furniture, Landscape + Urban Design.

GAAD are open to COLLABORATE with Artists, Activists, Designers + Makers. 








A submap is a dynamic map that overlays time-based data on a vectorised digital environment. The information inputted can range from the daily patterns of bike traffic in the city centre to tracking twitter communication across a country in real-time. The submap distorts in response to the geographic and data inputs provided. GAAD participated in a workshop led by KITCHEN BUDAPEST in Dublin that aimed to build a number of subjective maps of the city using private personal data. A layer of collected urban recordings was then superimposed over each individual map.







We Had An Idea About The Future_Spectral Space


As part of the centenary celebrations of the UCD School of Architecture, Toronto-based architect Louise Clavin collaborated with GAAD to realise her installation Spectral Space. The installation offers a vision of HOW and WHERE we will work in the future. The future is imagined as a spectral space where time and place exist independently of each other and work is carried out collaboratively over clouds.